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Why call when you can send an e-mail?  It's 2017! 
I mean, do you really need an address when you could just use e-mail.  

Here are some basics:  

Chrissy Omari Robbins was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Houston, TX.  She attended Texas A&M University and American University.  She has an BA in Communications/Theater Arts and an MBA.  She is a licensed real estate broker, so she can sell you a house and sing you a song at the same time.  No one has ever asked her to do that, but if they did, she would be prepared.  She enjoys hiking, singing and binge watching television shows.  She occasionally sings at weddings and dive bars, but she sings at the Unity Church of Long Beach in Association with Angelus Fellowship  every Sunday morning at 11AM and with her awesome band, Curious Moose!  


Chrissy absolutely loves hashtags! #ChrissyLovesHashtags 

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