Women Be Talking

"Women Be Talking" is the culmination of all of the random thoughts that float through my mind all day, edited while I ramble in front of a green screen . . . sometimes in list format. Please subscribe and or like my "Women Be Talking" facebook page. 

Episode 13: NBCant See Chrissy's Hilariousity!!! 

Episode 12: In Defense of Kanye West!

Episode 11: Top Five Reasons Being Single is Awesome!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Lyric Video

Episode 10: Dating Trends to cease in 2018!

Episode 4: My Bumble Internet Dating Experience - Part One

Episode 3: When Doves Cry - My two cents about the controversial Dove Ad

Episode 5: My Bumble Internet Dating Experience - Part Two

Episode 6: The Mighty Penis

Episode 2: Boxed Wine Product Review Subtitle: "I drank too much"

Episode 1: Lauryn Hill and Nas Concert Recap

Episode 7: My Stream of Consciousness Merry Christmas 

Episode 8: P.Diddy Made Me Give my 6 Year Old Ciroc Vodka 

Channel Announcement

Episode 9: Pre-Sex Text Could have saved Aziz Ansari and "Grace" #SexForText2018